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Engagement and Endurance: Kyrgyzstan’s Election 2011

When mass protests erupted across the Middle East this year the West watched in amazement. It was easy to forget that the same thing had happened in Kyrgyzstan a year earlier. In April 2010 the people of Kyrgyzstan ousted former … Continue reading

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Free speech and French satire

November has traditionally been a time for remembrance – in the Christian calendar the month begins with All Saints’ Day (1 November) and All Souls’ Day (2 November). The significance of these dates seems to have declined in modern Britain, … Continue reading

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Driven Out: Journalists and Exile

English PEN collaborated with Index on Censorship and the Committee to Protect Journalists to host this illuminating panel discussion. Marking the tenth official World Refugee Day, the conversation was focused on the plight of exiled journalists. Alongside the chair, Rohan … Continue reading

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