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Minsk 2011

“Harrowing” and “intense” are not words you would usually use to describe a good evening, but Minsk 2011 is the exception. As disturbing as many of the scenes undeniably are, one can’t help but think this brave young company is … Continue reading

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Dazed and Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along

Somerset House is looking as beautiful as it always does at this time of year. Its regal Christmas tree, surrounded by deliciously tasteful decorations, makes for a thrilling sight, and its ice rink has become a seasonalStrandlandmark. Its allure has … Continue reading

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Night of the Imprisoned Writer

The Day of the Imprisoned Writer falls on the 15 November, and this year English PEN marked its thirtieth year by hosting a performance evening entitled ‘Night of the Imprisoned Writer’. The event, which was organised in conjunction with ice&fire … Continue reading

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Gerhard Richter: Panorama

Tate Modern took on an exceptionally ambitious project in creating their exhibition of Gerhard Richter’s work. Richter’s career is notable both for its duration and its diversity, both of which were beautifully conveyed. There is something irresistibly fascinating about this … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Be Digitised

There is no doubt that 2011 has been a momentous year. The previously unimaginable scale and force of the Arab Spring has ensured that this will be viewed as a year of revolution. This is what makes the publication of … Continue reading

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Fashion: Oppressor or Liberator?

At 9 o’clock this morning, London Fashion Week took over from New York Fashion Week in style. Public attention is not all we have stripped from Manhattan. In August, London overtook New York as Fashion Capital of the World, according to a survey by Global Language … Continue reading

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Do you really need another pair of shoes?

An otherwise brilliant philosophy professor used shoes to illustrate the concept of diminishing marginal utility. He claimed that once you had reached the minimum required number of shoes (two) each shoe acquired thereafter was less valuable than the one before. … Continue reading

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