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The Iron Lady

Much like Thatcher herself, Abi Morgan’s latest biopic was always going to divide opinion. Never one to shy away from potential controversy, I chose to watch “The Iron Lady” with a man who describes himself as “liberal”. I was almost … Continue reading

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Tender Comrade

Tender Comrade, a 1943 film starring Ginger Rogers, is notable less for its cinematic merits than for the political controversy it provoked years later. The film’s director, Edward Dmytryk, was blacklisted, and imprisoned for several months during the Second Red Scare of the late 1940s. … Continue reading

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Carlos Saura: “Cría cuervos” (Raise Ravens)

Carlos Saura’s 1975 masterpiece “Cría cuervos” (Raise Ravens) has been enjoying a well deserved revival at the BFI. Set in Madrid at the time of Franco’s death, the film tells the story of a family from the perspective of the … Continue reading

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