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Minsk 2011

“Harrowing” and “intense” are not words you would usually use to describe a good evening, but Minsk 2011 is the exception. As disturbing as many of the scenes undeniably are, one can’t help but think this brave young company is … Continue reading

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The Iron Lady

Much like Thatcher herself, Abi Morgan’s latest biopic was always going to divide opinion. Never one to shy away from potential controversy, I chose to watch “The Iron Lady” with a man who describes himself as “liberal”. I was almost … Continue reading

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Dazed and Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along

Somerset House is looking as beautiful as it always does at this time of year. Its regal Christmas tree, surrounded by deliciously tasteful decorations, makes for a thrilling sight, and its ice rink has become a seasonalStrandlandmark. Its allure has … Continue reading

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Night of the Imprisoned Writer

The Day of the Imprisoned Writer falls on the 15 November, and this year English PEN marked its thirtieth year by hosting a performance evening entitled ‘Night of the Imprisoned Writer’. The event, which was organised in conjunction with ice&fire … Continue reading

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Cab travel: Privacy no longer an option

As the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking opened in London, Oxford city council was launching its own attack on individual privacy. The council has announced its plans to fit Oxford’s 662 taxis with microphones and CCTV cameras, as a condition of their licensing … Continue reading

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Engagement and Endurance: Kyrgyzstan’s Election 2011

When mass protests erupted across the Middle East this year the West watched in amazement. It was easy to forget that the same thing had happened in Kyrgyzstan a year earlier. In April 2010 the people of Kyrgyzstan ousted former … Continue reading

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Finding chivalry with the Forces

I was saddened to read Michelle Dockery’s statement that the art of chivalry has been lost, “because it’s not the culture any more.” Whilst this may be true for many groups in society, this mindset has not been extinguished completely. … Continue reading

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