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The Revolution Will Be Digitised

There is no doubt that 2011 has been a momentous year. The previously unimaginable scale and force of the Arab Spring has ensured that this will be viewed as a year of revolution. This is what makes the publication of … Continue reading

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Graphic images and the duality of human interest

On my way to work this morning I chanced upon this intriguing piece about the ethics of using graphic images in news reporting. It is a response to Chris Elliott’s piece from yesterday’s Guardian, in which he considers part of … Continue reading

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Fashion: Oppressor or Liberator?

At 9 o’clock this morning, London Fashion Week took over from New York Fashion Week in style. Public attention is not all we have stripped from Manhattan. In August, London overtook New York as Fashion Capital of the World, according to a survey by Global Language … Continue reading

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Do you really need another pair of shoes?

An otherwise brilliant philosophy professor used shoes to illustrate the concept of diminishing marginal utility. He claimed that once you had reached the minimum required number of shoes (two) each shoe acquired thereafter was less valuable than the one before. … Continue reading

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John Galliano and the future of hate speech

This time last year, John Galliano was preparing to make his “triumphant return” to London Fashion Week as one of the most celebrated designers in the world. Since then, his reputation has disintegrated at an astonishing rate. Once described as “fashion’s great … Continue reading

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The Leaderless Revolution

Former British diplomat Carne Ross has attracted a great deal of attention over his latest book, The Leaderless Revolution. Last night he spoke at the LSE, at an event which was so popular that they had to open an overflow … Continue reading

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